It can be overwhelming when you feel as though your entire house is a mess. When you’re not mentally or physically able to tackle cleaning the whole house, cleaning the kitchen is a great place to start. It’s frequented at all times of day and therefore is likely to get dirty often. If your kitchen’s neatness and cleanliness is a source of constant stress, consider these quick ways to tackle this task. A clean kitchen can be a reality quickly and effectively with these helpful suggestions.

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  1. For an overall deep clean, don’t get bogged down by the nitty-gritty (no need to scrub every crack and crevice meticulously). Make a plan to come back to areas that require more attention when you have the time and focus to devote to that specific area.
  2. Empty your dishwasher and put dirty dishes in. Oftentimes, an empty sink can make all the difference for the look of a clean kitchen. For a quick and simple tidying of your kitchen, put away your clean dishes and move dirty ones from the sink into the dishwasher. Afterwards, give your sink and faucet a good scrub for that extra shiny appearance. If you have the time, fill it with water and a bit of bleach to eliminate bacteria. Let the solution sit for 10 – 15 minutes, then let it drain.
  3. Get rid of the stink in your garbage disposal with some citrusy freshness. Fill a large bowl with water and flush your disposal thoroughly. Then put a lemon, lime, or orange peel into the disposal, along with a few slices of the fruit itself if you like. Run the disposal again (always with water) and it will be smelling fresher than ever.
  4. Declutter your countertops. Our kitchens are hubs of activity, and many random items can end up there. Similar to clearing out a full sink, removing clutter from your countertops can help significantly when you want to quickly tidy up your clean kitchen.
  5. Take care of the floor. It feels awful wiping crumbs, dirt, or pet fur off your feet every few steps; cleaning the floors goes a long way in achieving a clean kitchen. Spend a few minutes each week sweeping and mopping your floors. While the floors may not be the first thing you think of for cleaning the kitchen, it’s much more pleasant to cook on a crumb-less floor.
  6. Dust and quickly wipe all appliances and visible accessories. Crumbs, grime, and dust settle on your appliances and make them look dull and streaky. Giving them a speedy scrub brings them back to a shine and will have your kitchen looking spick and span. Use a dry cloth to remove the top layer of grime, then use an all-purpose spray cleaner to remove tough stains and spills. If you prefer all-natural cleaning supplies, you can make your own homemade cleaner by putting a few orange peels into white vinegar and letting it sit for 3-4 weeks before removing the orange peels. This produces a great general cleaner that will smell amazing.
  7. Clean out the refrigerator. This doesn’t have to be a deep clean, but take a couple minutes to dig out old leftovers that got pushed to the back and forgotten, and clean any drips and spills from the shelves.

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