Having a garage significantly increases your home’s storage space and can be a big draw for potential buyers. Garages can be customized to your family’s needs–whether you’re mainly looking for a carport or need lots of lofted shelving for maximum storage. When deciding to add a garage to your home, a key choice is whether or not to have it attached to the house. Here are the pros and cons of choosing an attached garage or a detached garage.

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Attached Garage

The main draw of an attached garage is that it is connected to the home. A door is installed in one of the outer rooms of the house. An attached garage is the most popular choice when it comes to adding a garage.

An attached garage has many benefits. It lets you park your car out of the rain and not worry about getting wet as you unbuckle children or run to the front door. You can more easily unload groceries since it’s a shorter walk than from the driveway. You don’t need to worry about opening and closing the front door–it’s beneficial if your garage door opens onto the kitchen. You also have easier access to whatever items you store in it.

Attached garages are generally less expensive to build than detached ones since you’re able to make use of your home’s pre-existing electrical system and even the HVAC system if you want it to be temperature-controlled. Most HOAs readily allow the construction of an attached garage, and it can increase your home’s value.

These do have their downsides, though. Because they generally need to be made with specific dimensions, it can be challenging to add an attached garage on a narrow lot. Garages are easier than homes to break into, so having an attached garage provides easier access to your home in case of a burglary or intruder if you leave the adjoining door unlocked. They also require more permits than detached garages before you can begin construction in most towns.

Detached Garage

With a detached garage, you have the flexibility to place it anywhere on your property. They may be right next to the house, or they may be on the other side of your lot–the choice is up to you!

You have more creative liberty regarding detached garages since your home’s dimensions don’t limit you. Many people choose to have playrooms, offices, or in-law suites built into a detached garage’s second floor. They are a great option if someone in your family has a hobby that requires a decent workshop and makes a lot of noise, such as woodworking or welding. Detached garages are also safer because criminals cannot access your home if they break in.

While they do have their pros, detached garages also have some cons. The most obvious is that they aren’t as convenient to access, particularly when storming outside. You might be able to park your car in it, but you will still have to brave the rain to get to the house. New lines for electricity and heat will need to be run to power the garage, which can be expensive. Additionally, some HOAs do not allow detached garages that are placed randomly on the property.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to how much you’re able to spend, your family’s needs, and whether or not your HOA (if you have one) permits the construction of a garage.

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