Graduation season is quickly approaching. This means that many parents will soon be empty nesters – when their kids move out after high school and head on to bigger and better things. If this is you, congratulations! This is such an exciting new period for both you and your adult child. Now that you are done raising kids, it’s time to focus on you – and one big part of that may be redesigning your home to be better suited for the next few decades of child-free and retirement living. Read on for some tips to keep in mind while designing your home for being an empty nester.

floor plan renovation

Stick to the First Floor
The majority of people older than 50 show a preference for ranch-style homes when they downsize after the kids have left. If you still like the look and feel of a two-story home better, aim to have the master bedroom on the first floor along with the kitchen, family room, and main bathroom. This way you will be able to spend most of your time on the first floor – minimizing the risk of falling on steps or causing pain to your joints in the coming years.

Incorporate Universal Design
The future is unpredictable. Renovating your home according to universal design principles (such as wider halls and doors, no-step entry, and greater floor space) not only make everyday life easier but also will suit you if you or a partner ends up in a wheelchair and will make your house more marketable when it comes time to sell in the future.

Live Life Luxuriously
Designing a custom home after kids means that you have more room to make the luxury choices you really want. You don’t need to prioritize soft, carpeted flooring; you can get the hardwood floors you’ve always wanted. Stainless steel appliances won’t always be marred by kids’ handprints anymore, so you can fill your home with them. Since you don’t need a tub to bathe young kids, you can upgrade your bathroom to include a walk-in shower.

Put in a Home Office or Gym
Fewer kids means that you need fewer bedrooms, leaving more space for rooms with different purposes. Some adults choose to create a home office to use until retirement and even beyond (whether you keep working or just use it as a hobby room). If an office isn’t for you, consider a home gym to keep you in shape as you age.

Be the Best Pet Parents
Though your kids may be gone, you’ve still got your pets! You can turn your home into a pet-friendly paradise by having custom features such as a pet-washing station, built-in doggy doors, heated floors in transition doors like a mudroom, or cabinets converted into a stylish crate so that your pets are living their best life alongside you.

Invest in Lower Maintenance
The home you raised your kids in is likely at least a decade or two old. With this age comes more maintenance, which you may not be able to keep up with as well in the coming years. You may want to consider a new home, which is a great investment in lower maintenance. Since everything will be new. With warranties on your home’s structure and appliances, unexpected issues will be covered so that you can have them properly repaired for little or no cost.

A new empty nester has many choices to make, but home renovation is a fun and beautiful way to start a new phase of life. If you want a new kitchen, new bathroom, or are dreaming of a gorgeous new outdoor space – call West Coast Design Build Florida today.