At West Coast Design Build, we specialize in kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor living space renovations. But there are many more types of renovations – from minor to significant – that can help your home run more efficiently. Today we look at the benefits of installing an attic fan.

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Attic fans are installed in order to circulate the hot and humid air that gathers at the top of your house. They are meant to work along with your HVAC system in order to cool your house. While they can help the system’s function, attic fans are not mandatory for your HVAC system to be compliant with building regulations. So why should you install one if they are not required?

Benefits of Attic Fans

  • An attic fan will help your family beat the heat. Attics can get extremely hot during the summer here in South Florida–they can reach temperatures of 130 – 150 degrees Fahrenheit! When you have all of that hot, stagnant air sitting above your home, it is bound to heat the rest of it more quickly. An attic fan pushes the super-hot air out of the attic and brings the attic temperature back down to the exterior temperature. It is especially helpful when your home has two stories since the second story is usually much warmer than the lower one.
  • An attic fan will prevent mold. In cool winter months, the inside of your home is may be warmer than the air in your attic. When the heat in your house rises to the attic, it hits the cooler air and can lead to condensation and moisture buildup. This moisture could lead to mold or rotting in your roof, which in turn is an expensive repair.
  • Attic fans save energy. With the attic fan helping to regulate the temperature in the attic, your HVAC gets to take a break. Less strain on the system means a lower likelihood of your AC breaking down during the height of summer.

Cons of an Attic Fan

  • Keep in mind the up-front and extra costs. You must hire a trusted professional contractor or electrician to correctly wire the attic and install the ceiling fan to prevent damage or injury that could result from trying to get it set up by yourself. Once it is installed, you have to pay for the energy it takes to power the fan regularly through the summer. Though the unit’s initial cost and installation is an investment, a homeowner will most likely recoup the cost it takes to run the fan in savings from your HVAC system.
  • Make sure the fan is installed correctly. If put up improperly, it could significantly damage the roof and create catastrophic leaks. Poor wiring is a huge fire hazard as well.
  • An improperly insulated or sealed attic means the fan won’t work. Without a good amount of sealing, any effect the fan would have had on your attic will be moot–it will not be able to overcome the hot summer air flowing in the unsealed cracks.

Overall, ceiling fans are a great idea when they are professionally installed in an attic that is fully sealed and insulated so that you get the best bang for your buck and don’t waste any energy.

If you are looking for additional ways to improve your home through remodeling or renovation – and live in the Sarasota area – call the West Coast Design Build Florida team.