One of the most exciting points of any homeowner’s life is undoubtedly when they build their own home. The process of planning, designing, and constructing a home is complex, and many overlook a crucial step: finding an empty lot for your home. Here in Sarasota, it seems like all the available housing plots were purchased by developers long ago. Still, there are options available that can help any homeowner acquire a plot to build the house of their dreams. Finding a plot, however, isn’t the end. Before you decide upon a location, use these tips to ensure the vacant lot will completely address your needs and keep your family safe and happy for years to come.

vacant lot construction

Finding a Vacant Lot in Sarasota: Before you begin assessing your lot, you have to find one. This is extremely difficult in reality, especially if you have specific requirements such as school zones and privacy. Certain lots in developed neighborhoods may be available but will require you to build your house to specifications outside your plan for your dream house. One of the options you have at your disposal is purchasing an older house for the purpose of demolition or renovation. Lot-value homes can be found which sell for a price lower than surrounding houses, as the cost of the land is considered higher than the price of the home built upon it. Through renovations or building a completely new structure, you can shape your new house into whatever you choose, all upon your own piece of land.

Vacant Lot Checklist

Finding a new lot can seem like a struggle in and of itself, but it is not prudent to scoop up the very first one you lay your eyes upon. Construction zoning laws and ordinances, as well as your specific family’s considerations, can turn a suitable plot or vacant lot into an unusable one once you think about the future.

  1. Lot Location: Where you live has a massive effect on all areas of your life, day in and day out. Starting at your potential empty lot, drive around the area and determine the distance to locations such as your work, your kid’s school, grocery stores, parks, and other essential aspects of daily life. Doing this will also give you a feel for the neighborhood: its safety, privacy, noise levels, and overall vibe.
  2. Neighborhood: Separate from the actual location of the plot, the neighborhood/community, and all requirements that come along with it might be a deciding factor in choosing or rejecting a lot. If you purchased an empty lot in a community in the middle of development, it is crucial to inquire about the final building plan for the community as a whole. This will show if your plot is on the outskirts or interior of the community, as well as whether or not your house will have the level of privacy you envisioned at purchase.
  3. Zoning: Purchasing your own land does not guarantee you can develop it as you see fit. Always make sure that the land you bought is zoned for residential use. Contact local utility companies to learn about the readiness of the plot. Installation of water, gas and electricity lines can balloon the cost of developing a new home. Your property may also contain utility easements, a dealbreaker for those who want complete control over their land.

Finding a suitable plot can be hard enough; don’t let the design process be complicated as well. Our West Coast Design Build Florida design experts are ready to help you bring your house to life. If you live in the Sarasota area and are looking to build your dream home, or create your dream kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor living space – we are the call to make.