The process of building a home can take time, and as with any large project, there will be unexpected complications or setbacks. The same is true if you are planning a major renovation or home addition. If you can enter the process with this mindset and expectation, it will save you a considerable amount of stress. If possible, have awareness – and plan – of the common frustrations that come up during a home build or major renovation.

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Delays in Breaking Ground: It’s understandably upsetting for construction to be delayed when you’re excited about your dream home getting underway. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for building permits to be held up with the local municipality, which may prevent the builders from starting. If environmental tests need to be rerun or utilities need to be altered, this will also likely set back the start of construction. At this stage, you must simply be patient with the process and stay in close contact with your builder to be informed about what is happening.

Paying for Each Upgrade: Production builders typically have one or two standard home plans with pre-selected interior features. In most cases, any changes you choose to make to the layout or materials will cost extra. This applies to significant changes like moving a wall or having all hardwood floors and smaller items like different hardware or light fixtures. Keep the size of the lot you choose in mind as well, since larger lots or corner lots will add to your total cost. Confirm the total cost of your home and lot with your builder before agreeing to all the upgrades you choose so that you know you have the budget for them.

Making Changes after Construction’s Begun: This goes hand in hand with the previous tip. While it’s not impossible to make changes after the workers have started building your house, altering the materials or layout can take extra time and be costly – especially if the builder had already installed the previously chosen ones. Avoid this if possible.

Decision Fatigue May Occur: Building a home can be an exhausting process – don’t be discouraged if you begin feeling burnt out. You’ve got a myriad of decisions to make endlessly for the during of the construction process. If you get fatigued, you will likely make quick decisions that you might regret later. If you feel yourself losing interest or getting overwhelmed, step back and take a break. Spread your decisions out throughout the week, and try to make them only during the times of day when you feel most energized.

Weather Delays for Building: No one can control the weather, but the weather can significantly impact the timeline of your home build. Periods of heavy rain prevent workers from staying on schedule. Even when the rain ends, there may still be delays – if the ground is wet, it is typically not possible to resume work. This is because pouring concrete or grading land must be done when the soil is dry. A good builder will plan for some rainy days when giving you a timeline for your home’s completion, but sometimes a string of rainy days can push the schedule back. Here in South Florida, building a home over the summer will have significantly more rain days than the winter months.

Miscommunication: Unfortunately, confusion and miscommunication can and does happen. Your best defense is to vet your builder with reviews and references before selecting them to know they are communicative and proficient. Stay in constant contact with your builder to remain in the loop about your home’s progress and any adjustments or changes that need to happen.

Your Best Strategy

If you face a major renovation or building a home, your best strategy is to pick the right contractor. (Read more about hiring the right contractor) West Coast Design Build Florida is a  highly acclaimed professional Sarasota contractor, and we would love to speak with you regarding your project. Still not sure? Check out our portfolio here.