While West Coast Design Build Florida does not design nor build garages, we are committed to helping Sarasota homeowners identify and perform the home renovations they desire that will add to their home’s value.

The simple truth is like having a gourmet kitchen or an updated master bathroom, having a garage is a huge asset for home value. Garages provide extra room for activities, provide space for enclosed parking, and can even be used as lodging. The type of garage you build is important for determining which use case is best.

Attached Garages: Attached garages are the most common and desirable for many homeowners. Attached garages act as an extension of the home instead of a disconnected extra storage room somewhere on the property. Parking inside an attached garage means your walks are shorter to and from your house and car, all while being protected from the elements and illuminated. Garages that open up near the kitchen are also massively beneficial for shopping and grocery trips; think twenty years in the future and imagine the hundreds of hours of time saved by easing this trip!

Garages that are attached also benefit from having an easier installation of HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems. Instead of running new lines or buying new systems, comparatively less expensive modifications to your home systems are enough to include the garage. A garage that is intended to be worked in, lived in, or used extensively throughout the day benefits significantly from being attached to the home.

Still, there are downsides to attached garages. Being that they are connected and generally want to be built adjacent to certain areas of the home, you have limited decision-making capabilities regarding their specific placement. Your property might not have a spot that can comfortably fit your garage, meaning you might have to sacrifice on size or preferred shape. Attached garages also prevent a safety risk as burglars and thieves have an easier time reaching inside a house by first breaking into a garage.

Detached Garages:
Detached garages do not meld as nicely into a household’s overall feel but benefit in different ways due to this substantial difference. Detached garages give you absolute freedom to pick and choose the location that best fits your needs. A noisy workshop or instrument practice room are better placed in a detached garage to minimize noise pollution to the rest of the home. Furthermore, since they are entirely separate from the rest of the house, they have no additional safety risk associated with them.

However, detached garages lack most of the convenience we associate with attached garages. Grocery trips, arriving home in a rainstorm; all these activities are less convenient with a detached garage. They also can not benefit from being directly connected to your systems, such as electric or gas lines, unless their location is relatively close to the house itself.

Your decision could affect a wide range of activities for your family far into the future, as well as significantly impact your home’s desirability and value. As with any home renovation, always plan ahead and determine which benefits are most beneficial for your specific living situation. West Coast Design Build Florida is a trusted residential contractor in Sarasota, Florida. We specialize in bathroom and kitchen renovations, as well as the construction and remodeling of outdoor spaces, lanais, and patios.