Repairing cracked grout and regrouting your floors is a simple way for homeowners to freshen up their bathroom or kitchen’s appearance without breaking the bank or learning a complicated new skill. Grout repair can be done at home with a few tools and a little bit of time. If regrouting has always seemed daunting, use these tips to make your rooms look beautiful again.

Simple Process of Grouting

While it is true that many home improvement projects can be deceptively tricky, applying grout to tiles does not fall in this category. By following this general process we lay out and researching any gaps in your knowledge, you can spend the afternoon learning a new handy skill, save money compared to hiring a contractor, and improve the look and feel of your home.


The first step is ensuring you have the correct tools and materials to facilitate an easy grouting job. You should determine what type of grout is needed for this home project. Sanded grout is used to fill generally larger gaps between tiles, usually above an eighth of an inch. Unsanded grout is better for filling narrow gaps and must be used if your tiles are made of metal, glass, or marble, materials prone to scratches from sanded grout.

Next, you should gather all the materials needed to repair cracked grout. You will need a wooden skewer to dislodge old caked-on grout, your powder for your selected type of grout, a bowl or other container to hold the mixture, a trowel or other utensil for mixing and pouring, water, a grout float, and a mix of wet and dry scrubbers like sponges, paper towels, or rags.

Grout Repair Process

When you have determined which areas of damaged grout you want to repair, begin by taking your skewer and running it through the gaps between the tiles in the affected areas. This will dislodge old grout that is not sufficiently attached to the surface and provide a smooth, clean surface for the new grout to adhere to. You can sweep or vacuum up the loose bits that come detached.

Next, prepare some of the grout mixture according to the instructions on the packaging. To save time and money, estimate how much of the packaging is needed for this grout repair job; it is unlikely you will need to use the whole amount at once. The process might vary depending on the manufacturer but will generally follow the same steps. Add water to your container and follow it up with the correct amount of grout powder. Thoroughly mix the contents and let sit for a few minutes. Then, apply the grout and smooth it out with your grout float. Grout floats help ensure the grout is applied smoothly, evenly, and without air bubbles. It can also help you remove excess grout in corners. 

Once you apply the grout, let it sit for 10 minutes or more before you begin to clean up the tiles. Using a damp sponge, rag, or paper towel, any grout caked onto the tile surface should quickly come off.

The process is done! Repairing cracked grout is as simple as preparing it with the right tools and pouring the grout into place. But if your room needs further renovation or remodeling, call West Coast Design Build Florida for a consultation. We specialize in transforming your dated kitchen or bathroom into a room worth showing off to your friends and family.