The top producers of paint for home design have recently released their picks for the 2022 color of the year. The trend is clear – all the top picks are shades of blue and green. These selections each bring a unique beauty to your home, and the color design palettes indicate a clear desire to incorporate calming natural tones during 2022. Consider one of these colors to inspire your next room makeover.

color design trend

Pantone’s Color of the Year: Veri Peri
Veri Peri is one of Pantone’s new colors and has already risen to the top as their number one choice for color of the year. Its blue shade with discernible violet undertones is said to inspire creativity with its “spritely” and “dynamic” hues. The company purposefully chose a newly created color to represent the innovation and transformation that we have all experienced over the past couple of years as we adapted to life during the pandemic. Use Veri Peri as an accent wall in a craft room, to spark creativity in a kids’ room, or as a bright, bold statement color in your living or dining area.

Benjamin Moore Color of the Year: October Mist
Benjamin Moore’s choice for the year is a soothing sage green. October Mist is “meditative yet eclectic”, fitting seamlessly into a wide range of color palettes–earth tones, soft pastels, whimsical brights, and more. It serves as a strong anchor for the other accent colors you choose in your palette. Its shade is cool and calming, offering the perfect backdrop for all spaces–be they relaxing or creative.

Dulux Color of the Year: Bright Skies
This pale blue paint color is sure to breathe life into any room. It’s airy with undertones of light grey that make it a peaceful choice that is sure to please. Bring levity to even the smallest and most poorly-lit rooms in your home with Bright Skies.

Farrow & Ball Color Trends

Farrow & Ball don’t choose just one color; instead, they opt for five. The selection they chose to represent 2022 is soft and nostalgic, reminiscent of childhood and the fond memories we carry with us today.

One favorite from this year’s lineup is Breakfast Room Green No. 81–a bold color that wows wherever it is used. Farrow & Ball recommend using it to serve as a colorful backdrop for wall art or distinguished pieces of furniture.

Babouche No. 233 is another favorite from their 2022 Color Trends. In contrast with the other top picks for 2022, this paint is a lovely bright yellow. Named for the leather slippers popular in Morocco that share the same color, Babouche No. 233 immediately brings sunshine to a room and a smile to your face. It looks especially pleasing in large rooms with plenty of natural light and is a popular color for a living room or kitchen.

Regardless of which room or item you are looking to paint, you are sure to find a suitable fit from the 2022 Colors of the Year. The top paint brands have chosen colors to reflect our mutual joy of returning to life post-pandemic and rediscovering our inner peace and creativity.

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