Your house probably has a lot of minor beauty marks dotting the walls – tiny holes from nails and thumbtacks or more significant fractures. Even though these wall holes are usually cosmetic only, repairing these blemishes is a quick and easy way to increase the appeal of your house and raise its value. Repairing a wall hole may seem daunting, but it’s quite simple most of the time. Here are the tips you need to tackle those patch projects you’ve been putting off.

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Wall Hole Repair For Homeowners

Before you repair any hole, you must remember that the area behind your wall often houses plumbing, wiring, or other parts of your house’s infrastructure. Cutting or drilling into a wall should only be done when you can confirm, through the use of a tool like a stud finder, that the area is safe to work in.

Minor holes from things like nails, screws, or thumbtacks are easier to tackle on your own. These can be covered up by applying a coating of touch-up paint to the area. If you are repainting your home, these blemishes will usually become unnoticeable following an application of paint. You can save time and money by leaving these holes alone and focusing your time and effort on the bigger offenders.

If you have a hole or dent that is obvious to the naked eye but still small in scope, spackle is usually enough to fill in the gap in conjunction with a fresh coat of paint. Apply the spackle, level it with the wall, and let it dry. Once dry, sandpaper down the affected area and cover it with a fresh coat of paint; the issue will disappear just like that.

Holes up to about three inches can be repaired with a mesh patch kit. If you have never used these products, rest assured that they are effortless to use. They are usually self-adhesive and stick to the wall around the hole to cover it. The mesh provides an ideal surface to apply spackle to and cover the hole. When you cover the patch, be sure to feather the edges (thin it out evenly) so that the edges of the patch job blend in well with the surrounding wall. You will have a seamless, practically invisible patch job once sanded down smoothly and repainted.

For larger holes, some homeowners might opt to have a handyman or home renovation expert help them with the repair. However, for homeowners who have the time, learning how to self-sufficiently repair even large drywall gaps can be a valuable tool. One of the most common ways to repair drywall is by utilizing a California patch. There are many tutorials online that go into full detail about the materials and techniques used. For the dedicated homeowner, this process could be completed in an afternoon, though it might be tricky for people not accustomed to using tools and measurements.

Certain renovations can also leave major holes if done improperly. If you have ever attempted a home improvement project only to realize it was not feasible for an amateur, we can help you design your dream room and make it a reality. If you need a renovation or restoration project done, call West Coast Design Build Florida for all your kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor living space projects. We can provide design assistance and inspiration when it’s time to upgrade your home.