The Florida summer heat can be quite relentless, and nothing makes these hot days more bearable than having a pool in the backyard. Installing an above-ground pool is much less expensive than putting in an in-ground model – but unfortunately, above-ground pools don’t provide nearly the aesthetic of their more expensive counterparts. Instead of paying top dollar for an in-ground pool or resigning yourself to the appearance of your above-ground pool, you can spruce up its appearance to make the pool fit seamlessly into the rest of your outdoor living space.
outdoor living space

Surround it with Landscaping
Lush greenery will hide the sides of the pool and transform it from an eyesore to an eye-catching centerpiece of your yard. Try making a border at least three feet wide around the pool and fill it with tropical plants to create an island oasis. Be sure to select hardy plants to withstand chlorine since they will likely be splashed from time to time. Century plants, Hawthorne, and grasses like sea oats and maiden grass are a few excellent options to get you started.

Add a Deck
If you already have a raised deck, you might be able to seamlessly incorporate your pool into your existing backyard design with just a bit of renovation. Having the pool installed flush against your deck will give the appearance of being in-ground without the hassle of digging into your yard. If you don’t have a patio or if the pool sits too far from the house, consider having a small deck built around the pool. (Read more about designing an outdoor living space that fits your lifestyle and budget.)

Change the Lighting
An innovative lighting strategy can go a long way to making your pool look more attractive. You may dislike the idea of the harsh glare of a deck spotlight on your pool. If so, consider switching to softer, warmer bulbs and small lighting fixtures like tiki torches or lanterns. Alternately, you can install weatherproof LED strips under the lip of your pool along the outside or inside to give it a cozy glow.

Edge the Pool with Stone
You can quickly turn your pool into an upscale feature of your backyard by creating a stone pool surround. River rock can be stacked around the outside to look like the pool is constructed with stone. There are many different styles and colors of rock to choose from so that you can match the edging to the rest of your yard, making it look more like a natural fixture that belongs there. The stone will also protect the pool’s siding, which can help it last longer.

Wood Paneling
If you don’t want to opt for river rock, you can instead choose to panel the outside of your pool using wood. There are so many different ways to panel a pool that you can choose a design that suits your personal style. You may opt for vertical or horizontal slats that match your existing deck design aesthetic. Get creative and make your pool look like a distinguished whisky barrel by connecting the pieces with a couple of metal strips or using bamboo pieces instead of actual wood.

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