We’ve entered the off-season for swimming pools, which means it is the perfect time to make some improvements before the beginning of next summer. Though in-ground pools may be popular, above-ground pools are much more cost-effective and can still be made into a backyard oasis. You can create an outdoor space full of fun and relaxation for family and guests of any age to enjoy. If you’re looking for ways to improve your above-ground pool for next season, read along!

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  • Construct a deck. A deck around at least part of your pool makes access easier and less dangerous because there are fewer steps to slip on as you climb in. Remember that Florida law mandates that a 48” barrier be set up around every pool to prevent accidental drownings, so you will still need to construct a fence with a gate to keep the pool off-limits to children. Even so, a gate is easier to operate than removing a ladder from your pool’s steps every time you’re done using it. Decks give parents a great viewing point to keep an eye on swimming kiddos, and it is a lovely place to enjoy the summer sun. Add an awning, pergola, or table with an umbrella to provide respite from the sun when you need it. It’s also helpful to have a shaded area to store pool gear so that it interacts less with the rain, heat, and sun. Stock up on luxurious lounge chairs for a perfect sunny day lazing. If you’re looking to entertain, add some fairy lights, tiki torches, or an outdoor bar so that you can become the ultimate summer night host.
  • Add more fun to your pool. Consider adding more floats to your collection–they provide the perfect mix of warmth from the sun and coolness from the water. Be sure to stock up on sunscreen as well, since reflections from the water can intensify sunburns. Those who prefer not to swim get some fun yard games to play outside of the pool. Corn hole, beer pong – or water pong for the little ones – and ladder ball are classic games for everyone to enjoy.
  • Maximize the fun while minimizing the work. Anyone who has been around an above-ground  pool understands that having a swimming pool can be a lot of work. Using it frequently requires daily skimming and water testing and multiple deep vacuumings each season. This can take up a lot of time and decrease your excitement for the pool. Instead of working so hard, invest in tools that make it easier! Robot vacuums can clean the bottom and skim the top of the pool for you.

Multipurpose pool “pills” make it easier to balance the chemical levels in the water instead of adding multiple different compounds each day. If you want to keep swimming through the fall and winter, invest in a high-tech cover that works to heat the pool efficiently. Rinsing off the equipment after swimming can be a hassle; keep a hose nearby the pool so that rinsing is practically mindless. It’s even better if you’re able to keep storage next to the hose, so cleanup is easy and your pool accessories last longer.

Adding a pool to your backyard changes the entire look and ambiance of the space. How about adding a lanai, an outdoor kitchen, or a beautiful seating area? The design experts at West Coast Design Build Florida are the best team to call in Sarasota to create and install an inspiring outdoor living area.