If you are looking into having a new home built for you, one of the primary questions to answer first is whether you should work with a production home builder (ones that produce a high volume of similarly-looking models), or custom home builders. These are both excellent choices, but one will likely suit you better depending on your needs and desires.

custom home builder

Production Builders

This is a great option to choose for getting you moved into your new home quickly. They offer you a plot of land and home as a package deal, so you only have one mortgage to deal with. They are able to offer you a variety of plans and customizable style options for your house to make sure it’s best for you. Depending on what kind of buyer you are (first-time, luxury, etc.), there is a production builder available for you.

While the lack of total control may be unappealing to you, production builders have a lot of benefits. For one, you don’t have to spend nearly as much time thinking about the logistics or working as closely with the builders to get your home constructed. It takes a lot of work to design and build a home; if you have a busy home life, it can be a big burden to create a custom home on top of that. Production builders are able to offer a great amount of customization (most have different floor plans, exterior colors and facades, elevations, flooring options, and more) while handling the coordination and logistics of building your house. Houses bought through production builders cost less, because of the high volume of homes being purchased and constructed at the same time. Big builders have a lot of efficient workers on hand to make the process as quick and painless as possible.

Custom Builders

With custom home builders, you must either already own land or acquire some land on which you can build before construction can begin. There are many floor plans available online, or you can work hand-in-hand with an architect to develop your ideal plan. Some companies provide architects in-house, while other times you may need to find separate architects and builders. You will be involved every step of the way with a custom builder, and have the freedom to choose any materials or products you want that fit within your budget. If you find a unique feature you want, you can certainly add it (as opposed to choosing from fixed options provided by a production builder).

Building a custom home is more expensive than having a production home built for the same size house. This is for a few reasons–one, you need to purchase the land separately. Second, the architect and builders will spend a lot more time than a production builder does to work with you and make sure each detail is correct. Finally, since your builder is buying the materials for your project only (as opposed to in bulk, like a production builder does), the materials themselves will have a bit of a higher cost that can add up over the course of the build. Still, you will end up with the home you envisioned – the beautiful kitchen, the spa-like bathroom, and the expansive great room you always hoped you would have.

Whichever you find is right for you, you’re bound to get a beautiful home that fits your family’s lifestyle perfectly. If you have a home but need a custom renovation for your kitchen, bathroom or outdoor living area, call West Coast Design Build Florida today.