Choosing a home builder is an incredibly important decision. Before making your final choice, you should make sure you’ve asked the right questions to ensure a smooth process that results in your dream home. There are no silly questions, and there are never too many. From a kitchen renovation to an entirely new home, choosing the right builder is vital.
Aside from the big up-front questions of the cost and move-in date, ask your home builder any of the following questions you deem important:

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  1. What are the customizable options? A home builder will have base models and floor plans for you to choose from; many come with multiple customizable options. Find out how many aspects of the home are customizable so that you can check all of your features off your wishlist. It doesn’t hurt to ask if a deck or basement can be added, or if you can work together to alter the layout of the kitchen to better suit your family.
  2. Do they have financing plans available? Many builders will offer financing plans that are paid in multiple small amounts during construction instead of in one lump sum. Paying smaller amounts during construction is helpful for many owners since you will likely still need to be paying another mortgage or rent while your new home is being built. Homebuilders often can work with your lender to create a construction-to-permanent loan that seamlessly transitions into a regular mortgage.
  3. Do you have any choice over your appliances? Some people prefer gas stoves to electric, some would rather down-grade some appliances to save money that they can spend elsewhere. Understand all your options so that you can make the most of your budget and choices.
  4. How much of the property development is included in the builders’ cost? A home builder may include upscale landscaping, or they may provide a standard lawn. You may have some choice in whether the yard is sodded or seeded, what the landscaping beds look like, or more.
  5. Do they have additional fees? Similar to any other large purchase, you want to make sure you understand the full cost of building your home. Ask for an itemized list of all costs, including possible fees that may accrue.
  6. Is there a warranty program in place? Reputable home builders will offer a warranty on their work for up to 10 years for defects with the major structural parts of your house. This can save you lots of money if any problems arise.
  7. Is there a homeowner’s association? This is especially relevant when builder with a production builder in a new community. Homeowners associations can have fees ranging from just about $100 to upwards of $500 a month. You need to know what these dues will be before agreeing to the monthly payments you’ll be making for the next 15-30 years.
  8. What are the property’s estimated taxes? These are other costs that will be added to your annual spending, so getting an accurate estimate from your home builder should factor into your choice.

You want to find a home builder that you get along with and who is willing to work with you to give you the home you truly desire. Asking questions will only help narrow down your search, so go into your consultations with a full list of expectations.

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