Hiring a design expert for your new kitchen or bathroom is a great way to make sure your vision comes to life in just the right way. Many people consider the terms “interior designer” and “interior decorator” to be interchangeable, but these two design expert professionals actually offer distinct services. There are several significant differences between designers and decorators, and homeowners should understand these nuances in order to hire the right person for their renovation needs. Let’s take a look.

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What Types of Design Experts are Available?

An interior designer is a professional who:

  • has earned at minimum a Bachelor’s degree in design or a related discipline
  • has relevant qualifying experience working alongside an established professional
  • has earned certification as an interior designer from the National Council for Interior Design Qualification
  • is registered to be eligible for work in commercial spaces.

Interior designers are very knowledgeable about the comprehensive building process and can offer guidance and support in many decisions throughout the project, including health and building codes, ADA guidelines, and project management.

Designers are involved in your renovation or remodel project from its inception, although they may continue through the furnishing and accessorizing of the space once it has been structurally completed. Interior designers utilize their education and experience in imagining and bringing to fruition the spaces that the homeowner desires. Some design companies even include personnel with training in psychology or human behavior to help make the architectural decisions for the home’s layout. By working in cooperation with contractors and architects during the blueprint and construction stages of the project, the interior designer guarantees that every room is not only beautiful but also maximizes functionality and efficiency.

An interior decorator, on the other hand:

  • is not required to pursue formal training such as a college degree or licensing program
  • has a keen eye for diverse design styles, trending aesthetics, and efficient application of space

Decorators have the gift of creating a gorgeous look while working within the boundaries of invariable structures such as walls and appliances. Homeowners consult with interior decorators to make decisions regarding preferential color palettes and applying their personal style.

Which of These Design Experts are Right for You?

It becomes necessary for homeowners to decide which of these two professionals is the right one for the job. If you are beginning the process of new construction, a major addition, or are planning a significant renovation, an interior designer may be your best choice. They can work with and provide guidance to the general contractors to work towards your “dream home” blueprints and layout. Because of their comprehensive contributions,  degrees, and professional certifications, an interior designer will consume more of the total budget than a decorator will. However, for those purchasing an existing house and who aren’t making any significant changes to the home’s layout and structure, an interior decorator will have the capability to assist in arranging and decorating the space as envisioned.  A decorator may have varying levels of involvement in the overall project, but they represent an excellent option if you require decorating advice on a more affordable budget.

No matter the scope of your bathroom, kitchen, or outdoor living space project, the talented and professional designers at West Coast Design Build Florida are experts in all facets of design. Call today to learn more about how we can help you with your upcoming project, renovation, or new home build.