Upcycling is growing in popularity in the United States, and for a good reason. Upcycling is the process of recycling used items and transforming them into something completely different. If you are looking to add decor to your home on a budget, the answers may be hidden in plain sight. There are many creative ways to turn boring (or even broken) everyday objects into decor that will revitalize and brighten your home and save the landfill from a few extra items. The possibilities are endless, but here are some suggestions to get you started.

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  • Make cute storage out of plastic bins and cardboard boxes. While totes and cardboard boxes are functionally useful for home organization, they’re rarely nice to look at. You can use hot glue to wrap them in twine and give them a softer, more natural appearance to improve their looks. Line the top and insides with a fabric that matches the rest of the room’s color scheme if you want to take it a step further. If twine is not your style, no worries–you can use spray paint to change the color of your plastic totes, so they fit the room and your style better.
  • Metal napkin holders are inexpensive (you can often find them at any dollar store) and can be used for many different things. Mount some on a wall and use them to display your favorite vinyl albums, picture frames, and small artwork. You can even hang small planters from them if you wish. Set one on your office desk to hold mail or an iPad.
  • Use your old teapot (or one you thrifted from your local Goodwill) as a planter. Kettles are attractive kitchen decor on their own, but when paired with some greenery, they look even better. Unlike other objects often upcycled as planters, teapots come with a built-in drain hole–you can water your plants well and tip excess water out of the spout to prevent root rot. This is a great way to save water as well since you can pour the excess water into another plant’s pot.
  • Desks and side tables that no longer suit your style may not need to be sold or donated. If the piece still functions well, you can give it a quick makeover with peel-and-stick vinyl sheets. There are numerous designs to choose from, from ones that mimic natural items like marble or wood to fun patterns. These can be applied in minutes and will instantly transform the look of your furniture pieces.
  • Put an old shutter to use by painting or staining it however you like and hanging it on a wall. You can use it as a mail organizer if it’s hung near the front door, a display board for Christmas photos during the holidays, or even as a coat or key rack if you add small S-hooks.
  • Turn your mugs into decor. Mugs are a fun way to show off your personality to others. Hang them from cup hooks under your cabinets, display them on shelves, or if you have a lot, you can hang them on a large painted peg board for some cute, functional wall art.
  • Wood pallets are easy to come by, and there are so many cool projects for which you can use them. One of the most popular ways people upcycle these is by using them as vertical planters in the garden for herbs, succulents, and flowers. You can hang small pallets on a wall, while larger ones can just be leaned against the house, fence, or porch to brighten up your outdoor living space.

    If these small upcycling transformations are not enough to give you the look you want, it may be time for a renovation. Call West Coast Design Build Florida today for more information about remodeling your kitchen or bathroom.