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How quickly can we remodel a Kitchen?
Ask about our “1-day kitchen makeover

Just the thought of the kitchen being slapped with a virtual Out Of Order sign gives many people the shivers. Without the focal point of the home – for nearly any period of time is a considerable reason why many people choose not to upgrade their kitchen.

What most don’t realize is by hiring the right contractor, with the experience & capabilities to deliver a kitchen remodel on-time and on-budget, that Out Of Order sign on the kitchen can be reduced substantially

Reduced to how much? 


How is a “1-day kitchen makeover” even possible…!?

For the last 10+ years, the Team has perfected the use of state-of-the-art technology to improve and enhance the process for all our kitchen remodels. We measure then produce your replacement countertops BEFORE we remove the existing. Our technology and our experience to efficiently coordinate every aspect of your remodel is what makes this possible.

Our process means that you can go about cooking meals throughout the day using your kitchen after we measure for the new countertops, and while we produce the new.

This eliminates as much as 7-10 days of delay. This is a period of time in which the average remodeling company would pull the countertop, disconnect plumbing and the sink to make the kitchen utterly useless. We don’t subject our clients to that painstaking, agonizing experience.

Once your countertop is ready, we will then schedule with you to arrive the day of the “1-day kitchen makeover” to:

  • disconnect the plumbing/sink
  • remove the existing countertops
  • install the new countertops
  • reconnect the plumbing/sink

But wait, there’s more…

As a state-licensed & experienced contractor, we have the credentials, skills, and resources to properly coordinate the finishing touches of your new kitchen, including but not limited to: repair to drywall, tile, wood trim, painting, and much more!

Yes, a “1-day kitchen makeover”  is possible. We’ve been improving kitchens for nearly 25 years! We just finished kitchen makeovers in Manatee & Sarasota counties, and we are ready to address your kitchen before the holidays, and family arrives!

Our next complimentary seminar on October 30th will focus on how we can deliver “1-day kitchen makeovers”.

RSVP Today to join us at this limited space event.